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Celebrating Lucinda Kidder's Retirement!

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JOIN US as we celebrate Lucinda Kidder's retirement!

Silverthorne Theater Company is undergoing an exciting transition! Our Co-Founder and Managing Director LUCINDA KIDDER is handing over the reins of leadership to Interim Managing Director ALISON BUTTS.

Following the birth of the Company in 2014, Lucinda took on the job of shaping it to grow into its vision of a small professional theater dedicated to excellence of production and committed to local talent and the Valley arts economy.

The skills accumulated over a life-time of theater practice and arts administration stood Lucinda in good stead, and she considers Silverthorne the shining capstone of her life’s work.

We are deeply grateful for Lucinda Kidder’s leadership, bringing the theater through its birth pangs, adolescence, and its healthy young adult years, made more complicated in the past two years!

JOIN US as we celebrate the achievements of the last eight years by giving today!

Now is a chance to express your gratitude with a note to Lucinda for all she has brought to Silverthorne throughout the years. Though she is stepping down, her devotion to Silverthorne and all those who commit to the future of the company will never fade.

Please consider sharing a memory, thank you, and well wishes to Lucinda Kidder.